By the time any freshman registers for classes, returning seniors, juniors, and sophomores will already have registered. So if you want to take something that’s in high demand for all grade levels (say, Swedish for example), there will be very few slots left for any freshmen, and those slots will tend go in order of orientation date. For classes geared towards freshmen (Psych 101, freshmen seminars, things like that), there will consistently be new time slots opened up throughout the summer so everyone will get the classes they NEED. If you’ve got it in your head that you want to score a sweet no-class-on-Fridays-or-Mondays-and-never-in-the-mornings-schedule it’s going to be incredibly difficult even if you’re the first person firing up their computer on the first day of orientation. But worry not, sweet Victors! You’ve got at least 7 semesters after that to take all the classes your heart desires. Like Swedish!


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You REALLY want to make it to regular Orientation if you can. For starters it will help you deal with issues you might not be anticipating (differences between high school and college, getting around a new environment, distance from family and friends, stuff like that). It’s also when you do (among other things) placement testing, information sessions, tour campus, academic advising, and the oh so very important class selection process. (Trust us, there’s tons of classes, but the good stuff fills up fast.) 

If you are unable to attend a summer program due to distance, summer travel, or employment, you may be eligible to attend Final Fall Orientation. However, to register for Final Fall Orientation, you will need special approval from the Office of New Student Programs. Once you pay your enrollment deposit and receive our email inviting you to register for orientation, you should email with “Request for Fall Orientation” in the subject line. Briefly describe the reason you need to attend Final Fall Orientation, and attach supporting documentation (e.g., airfare e-ticket, letter from camp, letter from employer, etc). Spaces in the Final Fall Orientation are filled on a case-by-case basis. If approved, you will receive written confirmation of your assigned orientation date.

Either way you must attend Orientation, but for your own benefit try to make regular Orientation. You don’t want to be struggling to catch up to everyone else before the year even starts!


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Reminder: LSA is doing phone advising tonight (4/16/14) from 5:30-9:00 pm EST. If you’ve got questions about being (or applying to be) an LSA student, call 734-764-8770 tonight! 

Do you have a question about being a student in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)? If so, we invite you to call in to speak to LSA Academic Advisors and Peer Advisors!

LSA Advisors be on hand during April to field your calls about LSA degree requirements, academic programs, and policies. Some questions you might have:

When do I meet my academic advisor?
How does the LSA foreign language requirement work?
Which placement tests am I required to take and when?
How do my AP or IB scores count toward my degree?
Why isn’t there a pre-med or pre-law major?
Can I create my own major?

We invite you or your parents to call in to 734-764-8770 on the following dates between 5:30-9:00 pm:

Wednesday, April 2
Wednesday, April 9
Wednesday, April 16
Wednesday, April 23
Wednesday, April 30 

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We won’t know that until sometime in June. We have to get all the data in first!

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Congratulations! That’s a tough crowd to please! 

To answer your question, that’s gonna depend on you. You need to know yourself, your time management abilities, how you handle stress… There are many benefits to joining greek life (support system, social life, volunteering) and there’s just as many benefits to other causes/groups you could join. What we recommend is - once you get on campus, all of the fraternities/sororities will have a recruitment period (Rush Week). This is when you’re going to want to decide if you want to be part of Greek life. Talk to the members, ask them what the time commitments are, how they like it, what their courseload is like, are you required to live in the house, what sort of people are they looking for, etc. They want you to make an informed decision too! After that there’s a whole bid/pledge/acceptance process that we won’t go into.

There ARE frats/sororities and other groups that are specific to the School of Music as well! They would be comprised of people in your shoes, and would at least be good to talk to - even if you don’t want a school specific organization. You can read up on those here:

Hope that helps! Congrats again and welcome to the #victors2018! 

The Spring Half Term begins May 6, 2014.
Summer Half Term starts June 26, 2014.
Full Spring/Summer calendar can be found here:

Congratulations and absolutely! In fact you wouldn’t have been able to pursue it right out of the gate anyways! Stamps is your “home” school (btw, be sure to follow their tumblr:!) and you’ll need to complete 30 credit hours before you’d be eligible to begin your joint degree. Once you’re on campus, you’ll need to set up a meeting with someone over at LSA in order to get your admission there approved. You can read about it in much more detail here:

Good luck with your joint degree!

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Over the weekend:  ”Pac-Man has taken over the bus stops! #myumich” - awesome pic from @emsutt28

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Nothing to see here … Just Devin Gardner and 2 Chainz.

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Not to brag, but we make pretty much every list of the top LGBT friendly schools. We offered the first LGBT center on any American college campus, back in 1971. (And it’s still going strong today - check out our Spectrum Center here: and We’ve got Gender-Inclusive housing, bathrooms, and restrooms and the Pride Network maintains a list of University of Michigan healthcare providers who have self identified as providing sensitive and knowledgeable health care for Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian and or Gay patients and families. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our LGBTQ Wolverines are supported, happy, and welcomed! If you can find a university that’s more supportive than us, well… we’ll give ‘em a high five because that’s actually really awesome. 



Thanks, @misandristbuffalo! You can learn more about U-M’s Coalition for Queer People of Color here:

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Oh… we see how it is.


Since you didn’t specifically say what sort of questions you have, here’s all our tumblr pals:

Admissions (Detroit Center):
Architecture + Urban Planning:
Art & Design:
Campus Info:
Engineering (Photos):
Engineering (Reseach):
UMich (Photos):
UMich Global:
UMich India:

For most general, non-umichadmissions questions, you probably want to start with Campus Info. They’ve got you covered.

U-M also has this page that lists every department’s social media outlets (except tumblrs for some reason):
Tweeting at your department of choice is a pretty good way to get your questions answered.


Our campus map is now available for you to use on the Michigan app! Make sure you have the most recent version of the app downloaded so that you can use our awesome campus map! The 2 Chainz concert is this Thursday at Hill Auditorium. This event is brought to you by the student org Music Matters! You can purchase tickets online through the Michigan Union Ticket Office. We’re in the home stretch of completing the winter 2014 semester! Congratulations and keep up your hard work!



Ann Arbor Festifools 2014.

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Caris LeVert

Favorite? We like your style!

And lucky for you we have an amazeballs Aerospace Engineering program! 


Oh, and we should let you know that the College of Engineering is on tumblr as well!